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Adebayor denies exit talks

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on June 7, 2008

Happy Independence Day To You All!! I just found out that it is the Independence day of the Comoros and Malawi. The other day there were reports that Adebayor has agreed a deal to go to Milan. Well, Adebayor has spoken. He has denied wanting to leave Arsenal. He says:

“I am very happy here. Reports which suggest I have threatened to quit are rubbish. I love the club and the fans. We have a great set of players here with a fantastic team spirit. We have had a good season, but next year we want to go one better by winning a trophy.”

You would think that this statement ought to stop those Italians c*nts. But it won’t. They will carry on spinning stories till someone goes and bitch slaps those b*stards. The Boss has come out saying that he will make sure that he keeps Fab and Ade in the club. The Boss said:

“If AC Milan are interested, they just have to call me and they’ll get the answer they deserve. He’s under firm contract that we extended last year.”

You would think THAT ought to stop those Italians c*nts. But it won’t. They will carry on spinning stories till someone goes and bitch slaps those b*stards

In the latest development, Stan Kroenke might get into the Arsenal Board. I’ll give a detailed report on this affair soon. But then, you must agree that it’s the same guy about whom our Chairman said ‘ he knows sweet FA about football.’ And it’s the same guy that the same Chairman of ours wants to take in the board.  How the world changes.

There is nothing more happening concerning Arsenal. Well, there is. But it’s the same stupid transfer rumours that I can’t be arsed to write.

Till tomorrow..


Adebayor Agrees Move To AC Milan?

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on June 5, 2008

Hello All.

Two days of absolute shitty internet connection and viral fever meant that I had no choice but lie down on my bed and stare at the ceiling. I’d have loved to tell you all that the first thing I did today, when I started feeling well, was to write this blog. But that would be a lie. After doing everything that I do before writing a post, here I am writing another.

Freddie Ljunberg has denied making those comments against Arsene Wenger. He said:

“I get on very well with everyone from Arsenal and enjoyed my visit to the Emirates Stadium recently when Sweden played Brazil and I saw a lot of old friends. I haven’t done an interview with this Russian newspaper and none of the quotes have any substance, I certainly didn’t make those comments.”

Slimey Russian B*stards!! Needlessly trying to create a story. Why don’t they concentrate on their overseas national team of Chels*a!?

Bacary Sagna has been given a new six years deal worth £50,000 per week. Reports say that Adebayor along with Clichy and Fabregas will be offered improved contracts soon. Speaking of Adebayor, there are reports all over the place that he has signed for AC Milan.

“Adebayor has met with Milan officials over the past few days and has shaken hands on a move to the Italian club”

There are reports that Arsenal have understood that the Togonetor has made up his mind and have put a price of £32 million on him. Now, why do you think suddenly there are reports about him wanting to go out, when recently he had claimed that he wants to stay? Is it because Chairman Peter Hill-Wood came out saying that Arsenal will never give into players’ demands?? You Arsenal don’t pay players and how Adebayor didn’t get what he thought he deserved and how Milan became his saviour. Well, I’m expecting him to come out with a statement of denial.

In other news, Aaron Ramsey is set to meet Wenger before deciding his future. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. I am not interested in another 17 year old worth £5 milion. I’d rather see an experienced player coming to the Grove.

Meanwhile, Jens Lehmann, who recently signed for Stuttgart, has expressed his disappointment at the official ball to be used in Euro 2008.

“We’ll see goals scored that wouldn’t have gone in with other balls. You have to be very brave to go up for a catch. Punching will be a safer option.”

I would love to see Mad Jens punch some balls* this Euro. But my money is on the Oranje. Who are you supporting? England? Oh wait.. they were Eduardoed out of the tournament!

Hahaha… hahaha… hahaha… hahaha… hahaha… hahaha… hahaha …hahahahaa.

Be back with more tomorrow.

Update: Check out Arsenal’s kit for the new season. I like the keeper’s shirt. Not sure about the home shirt though.

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Eduardo Recovering + Arsene Wenger Going to PSG?

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on June 2, 2008

Hello All,

There isn’t much happening as far as Arsenal is concerned. I will start with a good news though. Eduardo is recovering well in Brazil. Doctors say that he is ahead of schedule. Eduardo himself is quite optimistic about his recovery process. He says:

“I am returning to Europe from Brazil at the beginning of August, perhaps even the end of July. Doctors tell me by then I will be fully recovered and able to play football again. I hope so too. I’m feeling well and my rehabilitation is going better than I would ever have hoped.”

I just hope that he doesn’t rush himself into playing. I’d rather wait for him till the middle of next season and see him play like he used to before his injury.

Reports in the media say that Alexander Hleb is going to sign for Barcelona. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. Let’s just get the transfer money and let him go. I mean what’s the point when he already has made up his mind but isn’t man enough to speak about it? And it has nothing to do with decency. Oh no! It’s about lacking the balls. It’s about being a c*nt.

The Telegraph says that Arsene Wenger could leave Arsenal for PSG. The paper says:

“Arsene Wenger is planning to leave Arsenal when his contract expires in 2011 to become president of Paris St Germain, The Sunday Telegraph understands. The Frenchman, who was appointed Arsenal manager in 1996 and has overseen one of the most successful periods in the club’s history, has already established close links with PSG and played an influential role in their restructuring this week.”

What a load of horseshit that is!! Here is a man who has taken the club from there and thereabouts to the top of the league. Turned the club into a force to be reckoned with. Made the club play the best football in Europe. The man has just created a new exciting team that came so close to winning some major silverware last season. He has promised to come back stronger and challenge for trophies again. And what does the media do? Publish ridiculous stories in a bid to upset the fans. But then, this is the English media. Constantly inventing stories. That’s how they get paid. Silly little b*stards!

Piotr Trochowski has been linked to Arsenal to play the Flamini role. The Hamburg midfileder would cost £4 million. But then it is just summer rumours. Let’s just wait for official confirmation.

Okay, that’s about it. Be back with more tomorrow.