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What Kind Of An Arsenal Fan Are You?

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on September 4, 2008

Following the lack of business on Arsenal’s part in the transfer window and the ensuing mass hysteria, things seem to have calmed a little. Although it was surprising and disappointing to see Arsenal not buy a midfielder, what was interesting,  was the way the fans reacted. Some called for Wenger’s head, some expressed disappointment, while some said Arsene Knows!

The first set of fans believe that Arsene Wenger had lied to them. He lied because he said that he would like to add one more player to the midfield. But since he didn’t, he should now be sacked. According to them, the club is doomed and we should kiss top 4 goodbye and forget about Premiere League and Champions League. Now, these same fans have a ready resolution to the ‘crisis’ as well.  On the other hand, there are those who tried to  divert attention to our mortal enemies to take the heat off the affair. And then there are those, who called for unity amongst the fans.

It is funny to see how the fans have turned against the manager. Just because he said that we require one man in the midfield and he failed to bring any, it certainly doesn’t make him a liar. He had always maintained that he would try and get one player, but if he is unable to do so, then it won’t be much of a problem, as our players are capable enough to handle the pressure. In fact, he did try to get in players.  After staying awake for a long time on the deadline day, I wondered if Wenger is losing it. But after reports emerged that he had bid for Kalou, Alonso and Inler, you can’t blame him for not trying. He had time and again made it clear that he wouldn’t be paying ridiculous amount of money to buy any player.

It is natural to feel disappointed and maybe feel let down by the manager, especially since our rivals, including Stoke, have signed new players.  And we are big enough to not follow blindly what the club or the manager says, as we have our own opinion about right and wrong and we are big enough to question decisions that we feel are not right.

But before we stoop down to the level of calling our manager an ‘arsehole‘, what we need to think is that this man is our most successful manager ever. This man turned ‘1 nil to Arsenal’ into a team that has been successful in scoring 7 goals in atleast one game almost every season. He revolutionised the game in not only the club, but also in the country. This man ensured that our move to a new stadium did not affect our balance-sheets. He brought up young players, because with the move to the new stadium, there was no way we could afford to spend much on players. He brought up young players, but never compromised on quality or the way we play.

The season has just started. Yes we lost to Fulham. But we comfortably beat Newcastle. The season is just three games old. Who knows what will happen, as the season develops further. Who knows, maybe we’ll be in a far better position, leading the table.  So, let us not pass judgement just yet. Let us see how things unfold. Maybe we will get a new signing when the window opens again in January. Besides, we will soon have Rosicky and Eduardo back in the team. Right now, we need to get behind the team. We need to root for the Arsenal.  I believe there are two types of ‘fans’. One who would get the message and renew their allegiance with the manager and the club.  And those who would continue to be utter cunts.

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  1. Tasha said, on September 5, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    I’m definitely an ‘Arsene knows’ fan. Over the years we’ve been slightly unlucky and the competition has been fierce. However, we have played some fantastic football and Arsene is building for the future. Look at how we performed at the San Siro last season – that is what our team is capable of.

    Have faith!

  2. grovenews said, on September 5, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    Thanks for your comments Tasha. Fans like you are the soul of our club.

  3. […] give sound bytes like this, you gotto love him, albeit for a minute. A couple of days back, I asked what kind of an Arsenal fan are you. Reports are emerging now that the club indeed made a bid for Stephane M’Bia of French club […]

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