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Adebayor Agrees Move To AC Milan?

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on June 5, 2008

Hello All.

Two days of absolute shitty internet connection and viral fever meant that I had no choice but lie down on my bed and stare at the ceiling. I’d have loved to tell you all that the first thing I did today, when I started feeling well, was to write this blog. But that would be a lie. After doing everything that I do before writing a post, here I am writing another.

Freddie Ljunberg has denied making those comments against Arsene Wenger. He said:

“I get on very well with everyone from Arsenal and enjoyed my visit to the Emirates Stadium recently when Sweden played Brazil and I saw a lot of old friends. I haven’t done an interview with this Russian newspaper and none of the quotes have any substance, I certainly didn’t make those comments.”

Slimey Russian B*stards!! Needlessly trying to create a story. Why don’t they concentrate on their overseas national team of Chels*a!?

Bacary Sagna has been given a new six years deal worth £50,000 per week. Reports say that Adebayor along with Clichy and Fabregas will be offered improved contracts soon. Speaking of Adebayor, there are reports all over the place that he has signed for AC Milan.

“Adebayor has met with Milan officials over the past few days and has shaken hands on a move to the Italian club”

There are reports that Arsenal have understood that the Togonetor has made up his mind and have put a price of £32 million on him. Now, why do you think suddenly there are reports about him wanting to go out, when recently he had claimed that he wants to stay? Is it because Chairman Peter Hill-Wood came out saying that Arsenal will never give into players’ demands?? You Arsenal don’t pay players and how Adebayor didn’t get what he thought he deserved and how Milan became his saviour. Well, I’m expecting him to come out with a statement of denial.

In other news, Aaron Ramsey is set to meet Wenger before deciding his future. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. I am not interested in another 17 year old worth £5 milion. I’d rather see an experienced player coming to the Grove.

Meanwhile, Jens Lehmann, who recently signed for Stuttgart, has expressed his disappointment at the official ball to be used in Euro 2008.

“We’ll see goals scored that wouldn’t have gone in with other balls. You have to be very brave to go up for a catch. Punching will be a safer option.”

I would love to see Mad Jens punch some balls* this Euro. But my money is on the Oranje. Who are you supporting? England? Oh wait.. they were Eduardoed out of the tournament!

Hahaha… hahaha… hahaha… hahaha… hahaha… hahaha… hahaha …hahahahaa.

Be back with more tomorrow.

Update: Check out Arsenal’s kit for the new season. I like the keeper’s shirt. Not sure about the home shirt though.

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Transfer Horseshit – Arsenal Want Edu Back!!

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on May 26, 2008

Hello to All.

The media is as usual abuzz with transfer rumours. Some are on the expected lines and some are so outlandish, you actually wonder how the writers are getting paid to write absolute horse shit. The more horsey the shit, the more you get paid. Something like that.

Okay, first some genuine news. Then I’ll let you wallow in the horse shit created by the media.

Theo Walcott believes that his stint with the senior side will help the U-21 side’s European Championship campaign. He says:

It’s just good to play really. Maybe the experience we get with the seniors will help with the Under 21s, because there’s quite a few of us from the Under 21s in the seniors. Also, it gives us the opportunity to try to win the tournament as well, if there are senior squad players still young enough to play for the Under 21s who Stuart Pearce can call upon. We’ve still got to qualify but it’d be good to get the experience of winning a tournament under our belts.”

Arsenal are said to be back in race for Aaron Ramsey. This after the boy is thinking of rejecting a £10million deal from ManU as he believes that a move to ManU wouldn’t be the best move for him for football reasons.

There are usual reports of us in competition with Everton over ManCity midfielder Michael Johnson. And then we are linked with Mallorca striker Daniel Güiza. But the biggest lump of foul smelling horse shit has to be this: According to reports, Arsenal want to re-sign Edu. Arsene Wenger is reportedly interested in re-signing him after departure of Flamini. Besides, Valencia are trying to send him out on loan atleast as they want to ease the pressure of his wage bills.

What next? Bring Bergkamp out of retirement? Maybe Reyes has finally decided that he likes the weather in England. I can understand rumours, but this is not rumour. This is such a far fetched idea that the person who came up with this needs to be kicked up his arse. And if it does come true, chances of which are less than George Bush being able to spell ‘intelligent’, the person should be elected as the mayor of town.

Well, that’s all folks. Be back with more tomorrow.