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Arsenal 3 – 1 Everton

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on October 19, 2008

After a long hiatus, the news from the grove are back. So we played our first league game after a long international break yesterday. Although the scoreline suggests that we had an easy victory over Everton, the fact is that it wasn’t a convincing victory for us. With Gallas and Djourou missing due to injuries, Silvestre got his first start since joining Arsenal, but it wasn’t a great debut for him. Leon Osman played Pienaar wide on the left and kept running into the box. Alex Song, who inexplicably played as right back, was easily dodged by the South African and he laid a pass for Osman to slot home. 0-1 to Arsenal in the first half and it was a nervous Grove. With Kolo Toure substituted after sustaining a shoulder injury, it was the introduction of Theo Walcott that changed the game for us. He brought that extra pace into the game and helped us to stretch Everton. Although we did manage to win, we have to work a lot harder if we are to win the league.

Points to be noted from the game are:

1) We are not taking the chances that are coming our way

2) We seriously lack defensively. We need a solid central defender who can head the ball. Everton’s Fellini time and again won the aerial battles with Toure and Silvestre.

3) Central midfield. Dennilson is a good player, so is Ramsey. Diaby is back and we have Alex Song. None of them are Mathieu Flamini.

4) Killer instinct. The boss talks about hunger and the desire to win. I agree, the team has the desire to win. But how many of them want to go that extra bit to make it really happen?

5) Adebayor’s run. Last season, he was first in the list of players with most offside decisions against them. Arsenal has played 8 games so far and the Togo star is already number one in that list.


Arsenal 4 – 0 Porto

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on October 1, 2008

Arsenal easily beat Porto in the UEFA Champions League tie yesterday. Robin van Persie and Emmanuel Adebayor scored a brace each. Watch the videos of the goals here. Robin van Persie’s opener, Adebayor’s header, Robin van Persie’s toe-poke and Adebayor’s penalty.

Theo Walcott Is Quick – Let’s Kick Him!

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on September 23, 2008

As you must have guessed, this post is going to be less news and more rants. We picked up an excellent win at the Reebok Stadium. Coming back from a goal down, not playing our best football, we still managed to take home 3 points. That was the good part. The bad part was the injury to Clichy. Davies lunged into a tackle, studs showing, he caught Clichy squarely on the shin, leaving a visible bruise. What did Davies get for the foul? A yellow card.

In the Chelski vs Manyoo game, Manyoo got 7 yellow cards. What happens? £25,000 fine. The fart faced cunt Rio Ferdinand mouths off obscenities towards Mike Riley. He chose not to report him. John Terry takes out his man with a rugby styled tackle. He gets a straight red and a three game suspension. But the decision is conveniently annulled, allowing him to play against Manyoo. On the other hand, Boro’s appeal against Aliadiere’s red card is dismissed and Aliadiere is handed out an additional one match ban, saying that the appeal was ‘frivolous.’ What!! Isn’t that double standard of the highest order?

And now, Bolton’s Kevin Nolan says that he asked Jlloyd Samuel to deliberately kick Theo Walcott out of the game. He says:

“I have never seen anybody as quick as Theo Walcott in my life. I said to Jlloyd Samuel ‘Give him a little kick and see if he comes back at you!”

So you have never seen anybody as quick as Theo? And to stop him, you would kick him? How would like it if someone kicks you right on your bollocks and as you fall down writhing in pain, he stamps on your head again and again and again? You are a sick son of a bitch, Nolan. And the officials of FA are sick sons of bitches too.

Are they going to do anything about it, now that Nolan has admitted that he told the team to kick our players? No chance. They would rather go and kiss Manyoo and Chelski’s arse. How often do we see the referees and FA give decision in their favour. It’s as if Manyoo and Chelski pay the FA their wages. The amount of partiality there is in Premier League is ridiculous. Had it been a Hull or a Stoke or a Fulham, I’m sure the three match ban would have stood. Just when the FA has a chance to put its foot down and say enough is enough – what do they do?  FA – Fuck All.

To some Arsenal news now. Telegraph claims that they have discovered a confidential document that tells about Arsenal’s secret of success. I’m not sure whether it tells about that or the fact that the quality of Telegraph, especially its sports section, is going down the drain.

Young Johan Djourou has signed a long term contract with the club. That shows the faith Wenger has in him. And I believe he has done quite well for himself. Goes about doing his job quietly and efficiently. Good news that. But the biggest news is that we play Sheffield United for the Carling Cup tie today and Wenger is set to name our youngest ever side to face them. There is a possibility that the starting line-up could include: Emmanuel Frimpong, Jack Wilshere, Mark Randall, Abu Ogogu and Fran Merida. Now these are exciting youngsters with immense talent. This would be an opportunity to find out where they stand.

Right, that’s about it. Will be back with more tomorrow.

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Walcott Needs Time, Arsenal Not To Sign Appiah

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on September 12, 2008

As expected, it is Theo Walcott everywhere. Every website, every newspaper, every TV channel is reporting on his feat in Zagreb and how England has found a star, who is set to take England to international glory. However, Arsene Wenger doesn’t think so. Wenger says that we must give the boy time to develop himself. He warns that we fans must not get carried away and expect a goal everytime he touches the ball. Speaking about the game against Blackburn tomorrow, the boss said that good vibes in the team can help us win at Ewood Park. He was alluding to the fact that Walcott, Sagna, Clichy, Gallas (almost) and Bendtner had a great outing with their national teams and that could help them put on a good show in the next game. When asked about the rumours of us signing Stephen Appiah, Wenger simply said that it is not true. So there it is from the horse’s mouth. We are not signing Stephen Appiah. Also ruled out is the debut of Silvestere. I am starting to have a bad feeling about this deal. First we buy a 31-year-old. On top of that, he is crocked. And now, we don’t know when he is going to play for us. And it just gets better. Not only are we not buying Appiah, there are reports that we are after a 33-year-old Brazilian. I’m not sure if there is any truth to that story or it’s the media that is just taking a piss. Will find out for sure. Anyway, that is all for now.

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