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The News Now: Theo Buzzing, While Fabregas Wants To Improve

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on September 9, 2008

The second round of internationals are set to begin and with the kind of performance given by England against Andorra, I’ve high hopes from the Three Lions against Croatia. I mean, who doesn’t want to see those over-paid ‘stars’ get beaten by other hard-working, better talented teams! Only player I’d like to see do well is our Theo Walcott. Not because, as I mentioned, I want to see England win. But because this would give him the confidence and experience, which would come in handy as the season progresses. Walcott himself believes that he is ready. He says:

I feel great. I’m buzzing at the moment. I’m flying. I’m looking forward to it. I just can’t wait for Wednesday.”

He also says something about his final ball and Cristiano Ronaldo, which I’m not really keen to discuss. Anything to do with that one trick diver, I’m not really keen to discuss. Moving on, it seems that the new owners of Manchester City, who broke the British transfer record to sign Robinho from Real Madrid, were interested in buying Arsenal and even held talks with the ugly Uzbeki Usmanov. The Uzbeki refused to sell and it is now reported that he has kicked David Dein out of Red and White Holdings. It is understood that Dein got the kick because he promised to get the Uzbeki a total control of the club within a year, but failed due to the lockdown agreement in force, which keeps the club in safe hands until 2012. What would happen after 2012 is anybody’s guess and Chairman Peter Hill-Wood is aware that with the current changing scenario in English football, things could change for Arsenal. He says:

“We want the club to stay in its current ownership and, of course, you have some concern that someone will try to buy the club. The directors don’t want to sell but we are a public company. It depends on the price.”

The last sentence is worrying. We are the only top club in the country who have not fallen prey to these money minting machines. Whatever success we have, it is not because of any sugar daddy. These new owners of Manchester City had recently announced that they would go for Torres, Ronaldo and Fabregas in the coming January transfer window. Fabregas had come out saying that he would not be interested in joining them. He has reiterated the fact that it would be a demotion in footballing terms, if he moves to Eastlands. He loves it in Arsenal and says that he is focused on winning titles here. He also concedes that he needs to improve certain aspects of his game. What can you say about this young man. He just doesn’t stop to amaze. Not only is he an excellent footballer, he is also a very mature and humble human being, who always looks to improve not only his game but his personality. Wish there were more players like him. Compare Cesc Fabregas to Joey Barton. You know, I was never a great fan of William Gallas. But when he comes out to give sound bytes like this, you gotto love him, albeit for a minute. A couple of days back, I asked what kind of an Arsenal fan are you. Reports are emerging now that the club indeed made a bid for Stephane M’Bia of French club Rennes. They refused to sell him to us and now it is learned that he has signed a new deal with them. Well, good luck to him. Meanwhile, agents of Italian starlet Giovinco say that Arsenal never made an approach for him and he is looking to extend his contract with Juventus. Well, good luck to him as well. The cunt.

There are reports that the Stephen Appiah deal could happen in a day or two. I’ll keep you updated. More Tomorrow.

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What Kind Of An Arsenal Fan Are You?

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on September 4, 2008

Following the lack of business on Arsenal’s part in the transfer window and the ensuing mass hysteria, things seem to have calmed a little. Although it was surprising and disappointing to see Arsenal not buy a midfielder, what was interesting,  was the way the fans reacted. Some called for Wenger’s head, some expressed disappointment, while some said Arsene Knows!

The first set of fans believe that Arsene Wenger had lied to them. He lied because he said that he would like to add one more player to the midfield. But since he didn’t, he should now be sacked. According to them, the club is doomed and we should kiss top 4 goodbye and forget about Premiere League and Champions League. Now, these same fans have a ready resolution to the ‘crisis’ as well.  On the other hand, there are those who tried to  divert attention to our mortal enemies to take the heat off the affair. And then there are those, who called for unity amongst the fans.

It is funny to see how the fans have turned against the manager. Just because he said that we require one man in the midfield and he failed to bring any, it certainly doesn’t make him a liar. He had always maintained that he would try and get one player, but if he is unable to do so, then it won’t be much of a problem, as our players are capable enough to handle the pressure. In fact, he did try to get in players.  After staying awake for a long time on the deadline day, I wondered if Wenger is losing it. But after reports emerged that he had bid for Kalou, Alonso and Inler, you can’t blame him for not trying. He had time and again made it clear that he wouldn’t be paying ridiculous amount of money to buy any player.

It is natural to feel disappointed and maybe feel let down by the manager, especially since our rivals, including Stoke, have signed new players.  And we are big enough to not follow blindly what the club or the manager says, as we have our own opinion about right and wrong and we are big enough to question decisions that we feel are not right.

But before we stoop down to the level of calling our manager an ‘arsehole‘, what we need to think is that this man is our most successful manager ever. This man turned ‘1 nil to Arsenal’ into a team that has been successful in scoring 7 goals in atleast one game almost every season. He revolutionised the game in not only the club, but also in the country. This man ensured that our move to a new stadium did not affect our balance-sheets. He brought up young players, because with the move to the new stadium, there was no way we could afford to spend much on players. He brought up young players, but never compromised on quality or the way we play.

The season has just started. Yes we lost to Fulham. But we comfortably beat Newcastle. The season is just three games old. Who knows what will happen, as the season develops further. Who knows, maybe we’ll be in a far better position, leading the table.  So, let us not pass judgement just yet. Let us see how things unfold. Maybe we will get a new signing when the window opens again in January. Besides, we will soon have Rosicky and Eduardo back in the team. Right now, we need to get behind the team. We need to root for the Arsenal.  I believe there are two types of ‘fans’. One who would get the message and renew their allegiance with the manager and the club.  And those who would continue to be utter cunts.

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Is Wenger Losing It?

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on September 2, 2008

The transfer window has finally closed. And not unexpectedly, the last day witnessed hectic activity, including the mega deal of Robinho – a new British transfer record. It was a tensed time for all gooners, who wanted to know if we are going to buy any Central Midfielder. We all knew that we needed a defensive player in the middle of the park and another at the back. We did get a ‘bargain’ in the form of 31-year-old United reject Silvestre. However, a midfielder was more important, as the game against Fulham showed. We didn’t have Fabregas or Rosicky. We had already lost Flamini and Hleb. So we played Eboue (of all people) and Dennilson. The result was the most atrocious display of football by Arsenal. We deservedly lost the game. Even a layman, if provided with that fact, would tell you that reinforcement is required. Okay Fabregas is back. But if he picks up an injury and doesn’t play for a month, I don’t see any playmaker in the team who can anchor the midfield and link up with the strikers ahead. Dennilson’s poor display forced us to play Robin van Persie behind Adebayor and Bendtner.

“We are ready to stay up all night if it is needed.  This season it is at midnight on September 1 so you never know. We have still a long time to go.”

Now six hours have passed since the end of the transfer deadline and there is no news about any signings. Unless there is a late announcement that we made a deal, which is very unlikely, we will play with the same squad till January. Why didn’t we sign a player when we know and Wenger does too, that a player was required. Wenger says that we have a strong enough squad to challenge for the title. Yes we do. But the team is dependent on one man to anchor the midfield, to bring his creative ability and vision to the turf. Minus Cesc, we look bereft of ideas in the middle. This brings the question, Is Wenger focussed too much on the business part of the game? He talks about the problem of bringing in a 27 -year-old, because after 2-3 seasons, that player won’t have the ‘resale’ value. But if bringing in that player ensures that we get strong and thus making our title chances stronger, what would you take?

It is not a question of availability of cash either. The board has time and again claimed that there is money for him to spend. Yet, he looks for ‘bargains’. He once said that if you need to make money from your club, make me the manager. That is good. But what about the title? The primary reason a club exists. We are not in a transitional period anymore. That began when the invincible squad was dismantled. A lot of water has passed below the bridge since then. Wenger must realise that the dynamics of club football have changed. If you look at other clubs, the managers get fired if they fail to produce results. But our board trusts Wenger and he has been in the helm for more than a decade. It is good for the team and the club, as it brings about a certain atmosphere of stability. But the problem arises when you take that for granted.

You must repay the trust shown on you by not only making money for the club but also by winning titles. Last season we were so close yet so far. We started brilliantly and if only we had reinforcements in January, we would have clinched it. Knowing that one injury could dent our chances, rather than buying players, we let Diarra go. We made GBP 5 million. The title went to ManUtd.

You need to learn from your mistakes, but it seems Wenger doesn’t or may be he does but he refuses to acknowledge. His vision, his philosophy of bringing up young players is excellent. I have the utmost respect for that. However, there has to be a balance. We got Samir Nasri, who has gelled immediately. Then why not one player in the midfield who can support Cesc Fabregas?

I guess it is Wenger’s faith in the current crop of players and I sincerely hope that it pays off. Because I don’t want us to regret like we did last season. I don’t want us to say ‘if only….’

Wishing the team and all the gooners very best of luck for this season. Let’s go get it. C’mon You Redss!!!

Adebayor denies exit talks

Posted in Arsenal by Our Correspondent on June 7, 2008

Happy Independence Day To You All!! I just found out that it is the Independence day of the Comoros and Malawi. The other day there were reports that Adebayor has agreed a deal to go to Milan. Well, Adebayor has spoken. He has denied wanting to leave Arsenal. He says:

“I am very happy here. Reports which suggest I have threatened to quit are rubbish. I love the club and the fans. We have a great set of players here with a fantastic team spirit. We have had a good season, but next year we want to go one better by winning a trophy.”

You would think that this statement ought to stop those Italians c*nts. But it won’t. They will carry on spinning stories till someone goes and bitch slaps those b*stards. The Boss has come out saying that he will make sure that he keeps Fab and Ade in the club. The Boss said:

“If AC Milan are interested, they just have to call me and they’ll get the answer they deserve. He’s under firm contract that we extended last year.”

You would think THAT ought to stop those Italians c*nts. But it won’t. They will carry on spinning stories till someone goes and bitch slaps those b*stards

In the latest development, Stan Kroenke might get into the Arsenal Board. I’ll give a detailed report on this affair soon. But then, you must agree that it’s the same guy about whom our Chairman said ‘ he knows sweet FA about football.’ And it’s the same guy that the same Chairman of ours wants to take in the board.  How the world changes.

There is nothing more happening concerning Arsenal. Well, there is. But it’s the same stupid transfer rumours that I can’t be arsed to write.

Till tomorrow..